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Workforce 'Reform' Bill will take away Workers Rights

Workforce 'Reform' Bill will take away Workers Rights

jeff.jpgUnited Voice members in schools and hospitals are standing strong, sending numerous submissions explaining how they will be affected by the Barnett Government's proposed Workforce Reform Bill.

The proposed Bill will allow the Government to take away the rights United Voice members fought so hard for in their last Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

For example, the Bill will allow the Government to make redundancies within the public service without offering retraining or redeployment opportunities.

Patient Care Assistant Lee said he was really angry that the Government was considering passing such a Bill.

“We fought so hard just to get a fair go, only to see it all set back to the Stone Age.

“How’s it going to work? You’ve got a lot of people subsequently affected by these laws and I’m not sure if the public are really aware of the long term damage to the community that these laws, should they go through, will cause.”

Alicia, an Education Assistant, said she had fears about what may happen to herself and her family if she lost her job through the Bill.

“With all these education cuts it means I could go into redeployment because we’re losing time at my school, so if this Bill goes through, I could be retrenched.

“I support my family; I’m the only one bringing in a fulltime income.

“I don’t want to go on welfare; I don’t want my children to see that.

“So that has dire consequences for me.”

Education Assistant Christy said she had concerns for her workmates and the students she works with.

“I have concerns for all my fellow workmates. I have concerns for the education of the students I work with. I have concerns about their future.

“But mostly yes I do have a concern about mine because at the end of the day how do I sustain my own existence on fresh air? Because that is basically what he is asking us to do.”

Members have fought hard against the Bill, rallying outside of Parliament House, organising petitions and distributing the infamous “Colin the Grinch” Christmas cards.

School Gardner Geoffrey says members must continue the fight.

“It’s not Australian and it’s not the fair way,” he said.

Alicia agrees.

“Don’t get this work reform bill in. We need to fight.”

United Voice has collated all members’ submissions and will be submitting them to the Parliamentary committee on the 17th of January.