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Workers deserve their holiday and weekend rates

Workers deserve their holiday and weekend rates


After a long and busy year it’s nice to spend the holiday season catching up with loved ones and enjoying some hard-earned free time and relaxation.

But, during this time of year it’s important to spare a thought for those giving up their weekends, their public holidays, and their nights.

Over the Christmas period thousands of workers will miss out on time with their family and friends because they are doing incredibly important work. Whether that be looking after our loved ones in hospitals, aged care and disabilities care, or serving us food and drink so that we can enjoy a special Christmas meal. 

Penalty rates make up for the precious family time these workers miss out on and helps them pay their bills and put food on their tables. 

People who give up their holidays and weekends over this period allow others to get the most out of their breaks, and they absolutely deserve their penalty rates.

From everyone at United Voice I’d like to say thank you to all these workers. We appreciate the work that they do, and we believe their penalty rates are a necessity.

At the next State Election on March 11 the decision is simple.

A vote for Barnett is a vote for big business, at the expense of the State’s lowest-paid workers. He recently announced he wants to cut penalty rates for tourism, hospitality and retail workers

Whereas a vote for Labor, is a vote to keep penalty rates. It was only a few months ago WA Labor leader Mark McGowan wrote to the Fair Work Commission in support of workers keeping their penalty rates



So remember when the time comes on March 11, make a choice to support those who support us. Put the Liberals last.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

In Unity,

Carolyn Smith