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Weekend Rates Under Threat

Weekend Rates Under Threat

Hospitality Worker AlanHospitality worker Allan knows what can happen when workers aren't protected by strong industrial relations laws that preserve and protect their rights.

Allan joined United Voice after being unfairly dismissed from his previous job and is shocked the Abbott Government are trying to force through legislation which would allow employers to strip workers of their rights and trade off penalty rates.

Allan says that without penalty rates he would struggle to maintain his current standard of living.

“Many of us work around the clock and our communities couldn’t function without us,” he said.

“Losing penalty rates would have a huge negative impact on my lifestyle.”

“I know I couldn't afford to lose that pay and neither could many of my colleagues.

Allan said hospitality workers deserve penalty rates as an incentive to work shifts that are more taxing on family life.

“I deserve to be paid more working weekend and night shifts,” he said.

Allan says he is proud of his job and finds working in hospitality a very rewarding career.

“I love my job but if it wasn’t worth my while to make these sacrifices I would do something with less unsociable hours.

“Without penalty rates who would want to work late nights, weekends and public holidays?
“It’s only fair we be compensated for working these hours.”

Allan said members need to stand together and fight the introduction of these laws.

At an April press conference in Perth, Federal Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek spoke about how important penalty rates are for workers all across Australia.

“Right across Australia there’s about four and a half million people who rely on penalty rates and the fear is those workers could lose up to $14,000 a year or around 30% of their pay if penalty rates are cut,” she said.

Sign this petition calling on Tony Abbott to protect penalty rates for Australian workers.