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United Voice Members Urge Steve Thomas to be Water Wise

United Voice Members Urge Steve Thomas to be Water Wise

Today in The West an article was published that was a clear attack on the hard fought wages and conditions on Water Corp members and their colleagues by Mike Nahan and the Liberal Party. 

We’ve let them know this isn’t on in the below media release:

United Voice, the Union representing Rangers and Operation Centre staff at Water Corporation, have slammed the attacks on the wages and conditions at Water Corporation by the WA Liberal Opposition as another attack on penalty rates and working people.

United Voice WA Secretary Carolyn Smith said the wages and conditions of those working at the Water Corporation reflect the highly skilled and important work they do.

“United Voice members, and all Water Corporation employees work incredibly hard, often working long hours and in dangerous and high pressure conditions ensuring all West Australians have access to clean water.”

“These are highly skilled professionals in their field, whom provide an important service to our community.” She said.

“The Shadow Minister would be advised to speak to these workers about the jobs they do, before trying to score cheap political points on their behalf.”

The wages and conditions Mr Thomas has attacked were negotiated and set during the time of the Barnett Government, Ms Smith pointed out.

“This is obviously just another attack on working people and their penalty rates by Mike Nahan and his mates at the pro-privatisation Institute of Public Affairs.” Ms Smith said.

“If the WA Liberals were truly concerned about the cost of fees and charges to households, they would support increases to gold royalties that would actually go a long way to fixing the budget mess they created.’