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Underpayments Uncovered

Underpayments Uncovered

PICTURE: Mark and Colleen united together to win an underpayment claim against WACHS.

United Voice member at Beverley Hospital has been awarded more than $4000 in back-pay for non-accumulation of TOIL when rostered off duty after her union delegate uncovered discrepancies in staff payslips.

Colleen,a kitchen worker, had no idea she wasn’t accumulating TOIL when rostered off duty on public holidays until Mark, a United Voice delegate, asked her to check her payslip.

In a show of unity the pair worked together and used Colleen as a test case to uncover underpayments by WACHS.

“I would never have dreamed that I was going to be in a position to receive this payment, and I give credit to the union for resolving it for me,” Colleen said.

“I think anybody who works at the same level as me who is not a union member should
think very carefully about becoming one.

“I think it’s very important.“

Following their success Collen and Mark are urging all WACHS employees to check their payslips and ensure they are receiving the correct entitlements under their agreements.

There are already a number of other members pursuing other claims including EV2 shifts which contravenes the 10 hour break and introduces split shifts, non-payment of the fifth week of annual leave and staff not receiving TOIL when rostered off.

Mark said it is incredibly important workers understand what they are entitled to, and if confused, they should contact United Voice.

“We pushed it through and we won,” he said.

“It has opened up a huge can of worms.

“There are many other people who are due these payments and we are now working
with them to get it.

“Without collective strength we would get nowhere, unions give us collective strength
and unity.”

Do you know what your entitlements are? Are you concerned you aren’t being paid correctly?

Contact the union office on 08 9388 5400.

Have you heard about the Burgundy Wave? Find out more here.

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