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Thank You & Goodbye: National Leaders

Thank You & Goodbye: National Leaders

United_Voice_Delegates_Convention_2013__web___188.jpgUnited Voice WA would like to thank Louise Tarrant, United Voice National Secretary, and Michael Crosby, United Voice National President, for their hard work and dedication whilst leading United Voice.

Your determination, passion and vision have inspired thousands to join the union fight for decent jobs and a better life.

Your unwavering spirit has brought about some of the most successful campaigns in recent memory, securing United Voice as a respected force within the community.

Louise Tarrant

Louise Tarrant has been a driving force behind United Voice for more than 20 years and has spent the past eight years in the role of National Secretary.

She is passionate about the issues that affect low income workers such as wages, job security and respect at work.

She was instrumental in helping drive the name change from the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union to the more inclusive, United Voice.

In her goodbye letter, Louise discussed why the name change was needed and the significant process behind choosing the new name.

“When we changed our name a few years ago it came from lots of discussion with workers,’ she said.

“What everybody wanted was to belong to something bigger- to not stand alone.

“They wanted to be heard - not ignored.

“And they wanted to act together- to make a difference.

“That’s what unionism is all about- having a united voice to make a positive difference.”

Michael Crosby

United Voice President Michael Crosby has been fighting for workers’ rights for more than 37 years.

Originally an actor, Michael helped build the Actors’ Union into a powerful force and later worked for the ACTU before moving to the United States for the Service Employees International Union, which has over 2 million members.

Before becoming National President, Michael was the United Voice National Organising Director and was responsible for the incredibly successful Clean Start campaign.

Michael regularly supported and inspired delegates at WA’s annual United Voice Delegate’s Convention, encouraging strong leadership and “keeping the emotion” in the fight for a fair workplace.

Michael has brought his invaluable experience and knowledge to many national campaigns and has worked hard to pioneer new methods of grassroots organising.

In his goodbye speech to the WA branch Michael reflected on the future of the union movement and his time at United Voice.

“I am immensely proud of my time at United Voice,” he said.

“I love this branch. We look after each other. We believe in each other.”

Before leaving Michael issued a call to action for United Voice WA members and delegates.

“Now is the time for us to stand together and work towards a better life.

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

United Voice WA Secretary Carolyn Smith said Louise and Michael had led United Voice through an amazing period of change.

“They have led some of our biggest campaigns, like Cleanstart and the current Early Childhood Education and Care campaign, “she said.

“They’ve taught us different ways of campaigning all up against a tough environment.

“Sometimes in WA we can feel like we’re quite far away but with Louise and Michael it has never felt like that.

“We were always involved and always given a seat and a voice at the table.

“It has been an absolute honour and a privilege to have worked with them both.”