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Tell Colin What You Think of Workforce 'Reform'

Tell Colin What You Think of Workforce 'Reform'

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Are you a United Voice member who works in a school or public hospital?

Finally after months of hard campaigning by members, the Premier has caved in and wants to hear member’s thoughts on the Workplace Reform Bill.

The proposed Bill would override the range of conditions that members fought so hard for in their last Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

The Bill will allow the Government to make redundancies within the public service without offering retraining or redeployment opportunities.

No other employer in the state can agree to a set of working conditions and then write a law that allows them to ignore it.

It sets a very dangerous precedent for future workers in the public service.

Kerry, an Education Assistant, said that she was completely opposed to the bill.

“A lot of people are wondering if they will still have ongoing work and it is putting people in a very vulnerable position,” she said.

“It undermines your relationship with your employer; you don’t feel like you’re valued in your job anymore.”

After a huge member driven protest, including rallies, petitions and the infamous “Colin the Grinch” Christmas cards, Barnett backed down and sent the Bill to a Committee to be reviewed.

When a Bill is sent to a Committee, submissions can be made, which will allow United Voice members to explain how the Bill will affect their lives.

Kerry said she would definitely consider making a submission and urged other United Voice members and the general public to get involved.

“These are such wide sweeping reforms that’s he’s proposing and it’s really quite scary,” she said.

“It is such an important issue concerning so many people and it’s time we recognise how serious it really is.”

“We need to be improving our public service not cutting it down; we deserve a public service that is second to none.”

This is your chance to tell Colin Barnett why you don’t want the Workplace Reform Bill to threaten your job.

A submission can be as simple as a message or a simple statement, explaining your story and how you feel the new bill will affect you personally.

For example you could talk about how this bill will affect your home and work life.

Submissions close on 17 January and can be sent to [email protected]