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tax breaks are double-dipping, not paid parental leave - SMH

tax breaks are double-dipping, not paid parental leave - SMH


The Sydney Morning Herald - opinion piece. 

Australian women are growing old waiting for a paid parental leave scheme which meets international standards, writes United Voice National Secretary Jo-anne Schofield.   

For a while things looked promising. Tony Abbott championed paid parental leave on the world stage at the G20 and promised his much-touted gold-plated, Rolls Royce scheme.

The Government wants to rein in spending on paid parental leave to save money in the budget but there's a lot of opposition to the proposal. Courtesy ABC News, Channel 7.

Reality is very different.

Australian women have one of the least generous schemes in the world. Now Malcolm Turnbull wants to make it worse by dramatically cutting 80,000 mothers' rights to government funded paid parental leave.

The justification?  So called "double-dipping". How can women be double-dippers when the 16.2 per cent gender pay gap means they aren't getting a full serve of dip the first time around?

Where are the similar howls of protest from outraged Coalition MPs who so bravely defended superannuation tax breaks for the rich? Working women are "double-dippers" on paid parental leave but calling out triple-dipping wealthy men with generous superannuation tax breaks is sacrosanct.

Nowhere is the gender divide in public policy under the Turnbull prime ministership more evident than the high income superannuation tax breaks that overwhelmingly benefit high-income males, while women are forced to fight for a modest 18 weeks on the minimum wage to care for their children.

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