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Taking Big Steps For Better Pay

Taking Big Steps For Better Pay

Early childhood educators are increasingly frustrated with the lack of action on fair pay from the Turnbull Government.

Educators are urging parents to keep their kids at home on March 27 as part of the next big step in their fight for fair pay.

‘Keep You Children at Home Day’ will allow educators all over the nation to highlight the current educator wage crisis and to put pressure on the Turnbull Government to address this as a priority.

Working in a 97% female dominated industry, United Voice members in early childhood education have been fighting for better pay for decades and have had enough.

Under current Australian laws and guidelines, educators must have relevant certificates and degrees to work in centres, yet get paid as little $21 an hour.

United Voice delegate Sharee says the wage crisis in the sector is affecting everyone and with the rising cost of living has seen many people struggle to make ends meet.

"These days if you need two wages to survive, and for a single female in this industry it is impossible,"

"If you have a mortgage or rent, $21 an hour just isn't enough... In fact workers are getting knocked back on loans for having an 'insufficient income'." she said.

The Keep Your Children at Home Day event comes one hundred days after the Turnbull Government  was given the opportunity to fix the crisis – to which they did nothing.

"We gave him 100 days and he has made no effort, he has put our crisis in the 'too hard' basket and as far as I'm concerned -- They don't care about us." she said.

As we approach the event it’s more important than ever to remember the impact early childhood educators have on our communities.

"We do a lot of work, we are educators and should be paid and compensated as such." she said.

Early childhood educators do amazing work teaching children in their most vital developing years, often teaching skills in the classrooms that will be used for the rest of their lives.

United Voice encourages parents to keep their kids at home on March 27 and to register online HERE to show your support.