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Stories of Shenton Park - Mark

Stories of Shenton Park - Mark

Mark at Shenton ParkLast Saturday, Shenton Park campus officially closed its doors after fifty years as a rehabilitation hospital.

United Voice member and delegate Mark, has worked there for 17 of those years and says there have been a number of union triumphs over his time.

“We’ve had a few good victories,” he said.

“One was called the ‘fifth week of annual leave’ which is a clause in our EBA, where if you’re a shift worker, you get an extra week of annual leave.

“That wasn’t being paid to most shift workers at Shenton Park campus, so we won that.” 

Mark said the other big victory union members had at Shenton Park was winning back pay after not receiving enough of a break between shifts.

“That netted huge amounts of back pay too,” he said.

Mark said he also enjoyed helping union members with issues that were important to them, such as job reclassification.

“We didn’t win every reclassification because you can’t win them all,” Mark said.

“But sometimes you can have great success and people would walk away with huge amounts of back pay which meant they could now go on their holidays or they could pay their mortgages off.

“Sometimes it could be up to $10,000.”

Mark said the thing he loved most about Shenton Park was its close knit environment.

“It was a rehabilitation hospital and the average stay of a patient was 8 months, so we knew them very well; it wasn’t the quick turn around like at RPH,’ he said.

“It was long term and you got to know them and you found time to do those little extra things for patients.

“Sit down with Mrs Jones and say “Hello Mrs Jones how’s the grandkids going?” and have that personal contact and personal input into a team approach to rehabilitation.

Mark says he fears that with rehabilitation moving to Fiona Stanley it will lose its character.

“One of my fears for rehabilitation when it goes to Fiona Stanley is that it will be a level in a building. It will lose that character,” he said.

The new Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch officially opened its doors last Friday.

For more information about the opening of Fiona Stanley and the closure of Shenton Park campus see the United Voice Facebook page