Sometimes it's the little things..

Richard - Sometimes it's the little things...

"Being a Union member has helped me a number of times, but sometimes it's the little things which really matter." - Richard

Richard works in security, and until recently he had been employed as a 'casual' - despite working full-time hours for over 12 months in a row.

As a man in his sixties, the lack of job security as a casual was a serious concern for Richard. So, when his employer advertised a number of permanent positions, Richard was very keen.

Unfortunately, Richard was also a bit nervous and didn't like his chances of getting one of these permanent jobs - particularly because of his age. He wasn’t even sure whether or not it was worth trying.

But Richard is a Union member and decided to call the Union office to seek an honest opinion and a bit of support.

After making the call, Richard decided to give it a go anyway.

With just a little bit of encouragement and some support to draft a letter, being Union helped Richard find the courage he needed to push for a permanent position.

And now he has a permanent job!

"Being able to access support and encouragement was enough to help me get my permanent position - and at my age that's a huge relief!" says Richard.

It goes to show that being Union is more than just legal issues and fights over pay and conditions - it's about having the support you need to put your hat in the ring even when you're feeling a bit nervous.

Be like Richard... Find your confidence - and join your Union today!

Authorised by Carolyn Smith, Perth WA.

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