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Senate Second Chance for WA

Senate Second Chance for WA

Senate.jpgWestern Australian voters will be back at the voting polls within months, after the High Court handed down a decision today which classed the original Senate count invalid.

In a voting recount, 1370 votes were misplaced which dramatically altered the original Senate result.

Going back to the polls will allow voters to demonstrate how unhappy they are with the changes the Tony Abbott Liberal Government has made.

While United Voice delegate Allan says he thinks the Australian Electoral Commission should never have lost the votes in the first place, he is adamant that voters should consider long and hard before casting their vote.

“What we’ve seen so far are the Liberals in government doing what they do best; looking after the rich and letting the poor become poorer,” he said.

“If we can get more Labor members into the Senate at least we can hold the government accountable and let the working class have a say.”

Since being elected last year, the Liberals have flagged a number of changes they are looking to make including cutting penalty rates, charging people to visit a bulk billing doctor under new changes to Medicare and slashing promised pay rises to Early Childhood Educators and Aged Care workers.

Allan who works in the hospitality industry said he and many of his colleagues often rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.

“Hospitality is one of the worst paid industries; why would people want to work night times and weekend shifts if they weren’t compensated for it?” he asked.

Allan said this is an opportunity to make sure we vote in people that will support the working class in Federal Parliament.

“If we elect the right politicians, they can really help us make a positive difference,” he said.

“Everyone should get involved even if it’s something as small as talking to your mates about why they should vote.

“I know it’s not always the Australian way to talk about politics but challenge their views and encourage them to make their vote count.”

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