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Santa says: we all deserve penalty rates!

Santa says: we all deserve penalty rates!

Santa in Murray St Mall

Christmas is a special time of year for all West Australians, with most people enjoying the holidays and time with their loved ones.

But one man works very hard while all of us are sleeping, eating and being merry…

Today Santa Claus held a stop work meeting at the North Pole Workshop to make sure he, and the elves, keep their penalty rates for public holidays, overtime and night shifts.

It’s a busy time of year and it’s important that those working through Christmas, including Santa, are compensated fairly!

Why are penalty rates so important to United Voice members?

Greg, Disability Support Worker: “Penalty rates on Saturdays and Sundays are the only way I can live!”

Stefan, Hospitality: “Without penalty rates there’s no point of working on the weekends. Why would I sacrifice my weekends just to be paid the same as everyone else?”

Zoe, Hospitality: “It would mean I wouldn’t be able to save up as much, like for a car or uni fees or a house that I’ll never be able to afford.”

Is this the last Christmas for penalty rates?

In 2015 a series of hearings at the Fair Work Commission will determine if penalty rates will stay for workers in industries such as hospitality.

Carolyn Smith, Secretary of United Voice WA says for many low paid workers the extra income from penalty rates really counts.

“People depend on these penalty rates for their living expenses and deserve to be compensated for the unsocial hours they work and time away from family.

“If you’re going out for Christmas drinks or have a family member in hospital or a grandparent in care… These people are working for you and your family,” Ms Smith said.

Oh and before you go enjoy your Christmas break, please click here to help Santa and everyone who works public holidays or weekends to keep their hard earned penalty rates!