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Nothing Healthy About Sick Tax

Nothing Healthy About Sick Tax

Brett.JPGAustralia’s free and fair health care system, Medicare, is under threat with Tony Abbott and the Federal Liberal Government considering charging patients for visiting bulk billing doctors.

If the plan comes into effect patients will be forced to pay $6 each time they need to see a GP, with the Government also considering charging people the same amount to visit a public hospital emergency room.

School Cleaner in Charge Brett is outraged and fears many low paid workers and families will be unable to receive the medical care they need.

“My elderly parents live on the pension and currently visit a bulk billing doctor,” he says.

“They can’t afford to pay money to see a doctor. If this is brought in by the Liberals, they will have to find that money from somewhere else in their budget to be able to afford it.

“After they visit the doctor, they then have to be able to pay for their prescriptions and medications. There’s no way they could afford to do both!”

Brett said it would be a similar situation for low paid workers.

“Bulk billing is utilised by low paid workers that need the financial assistance,” he said.

“These people won’t be able to afford to see a doctor when they fall ill and will just keep putting it off to save the money and in turn will just get sicker.”

Brett wants to know why Tony Abbott and his government continue to attack the people who are least able to afford it.

“He’s hammering low paid workers left and right,” he says.

“He’s choosing to make money over people’s health.

It’s not fair; this isn’t what Australians are about.”

Multiple rallies have been staged around the country with people angered about the proposed changes to Medicare, which has recently celebrated its 30th birthday.

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