Respect is the Rule

The results of a recent United Voice survey show the sad reality of the of sexual harassment in the hospitality sector.

Statistics show 89% of the 306 female hospitality workers questioned have experienced some form of sexual harassment whilst at work, with 19% of those surveyed having been sexually assaulted.

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It's 'Our Turn to Care'

United Voice, the Aged Care Union is excited launch the Our Turn to Care campaign.

Today United Voice members, older Australians and family members stood together and lined up on Alexander Drive to show passing commuters why this campaign is so important to them.

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Employer fined for refusing request to go permanent


It's good to see the little guy get a win every now and then, don't you think?

Earlier this year casual workers were given the right to request permanency in a historic Fair Work Commission decision.

A few months later, a multi-national corporation has become the first company fined for refusing to give a permanent position to a casual employee.

In the Federal Court decision on October 16, Toll Transport were ordered to pay $42,500 in penalties, including $10,000 for refusing Joshua Tomvald's request to go permanent. 

Joshua is covered by a Union negotiated Enterprise Agreement, which secured him a little more protection than non-unionised workers relying on the Award, but the Federal Court's message to all Employers was very clear:

Refuse valid requests for permanency at your own peril. 

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