United Voice Members Urge Steve Thomas to be Water Wise

Today in The West an article was published that was a clear attack on the hard fought wages and conditions on Water Corp members and their colleagues by Mike Nahan and the Liberal Party. 

We’ve let them know this isn’t on in the below media release:

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Taking Big Steps For Better Pay

Early childhood educators are increasingly frustrated with the lack of action on fair pay from the Turnbull Government.

Educators are urging parents to keep their kids at home on March 27 as part of the next big step in their fight for fair pay.

‘Keep You Children at Home Day’ will allow educators all over the nation to highlight the current educator wage crisis and to put pressure on the Turnbull Government to address this as a priority.

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Enterprise Bargaining Agreements Simplified

As we come out of our first month of the New Year, many workplaces are getting into Enterprise Bargaining. 

For most Union members this is known to be a standard process every three years or so, often with many delegates taking part.

United Voice members are always at the table, because Union members know what they want and how working together gets the best results.

And whilst this occurs at many different workplaces all through the year, the process can be confusing.

That's why we're going to simplify it for you.

Often known as your ‘Agreement’, a federal Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is made in two key steps:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Voting
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