Paradise Papers - What to do about tax avoidance?

What to do about tax avoidance

They say in life "nothing is certain but death and taxes"...

But it seems the rich and powerful are certainly managing to cheat their way out of paying taxes, as revealed in the Paradise Papers.

Like most Australian's you probably pay your fair share of tax. You pay fuel taxes, land rates and GST - and you probably pay tax on your income too. You may not always like paying tax, but you pay anyway because you know we are ALL better off when you do.

You know that paying your taxes keeps your local hospital open, helps make sure kids have access to quality education, and provides for upkeep of the roads and other public services on which we all rely. 

Unfortunately not everyone feels the same way.

Some, like the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, seem more interested in using tax-havens to game the system and avoid paying their fair share of tax. (SMH)

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United Voice Members Urge Steve Thomas to be Water Wise

Today in The West an article was published that was a clear attack on the hard fought wages and conditions on Water Corp members and their colleagues by Mike Nahan and the Liberal Party. 

We’ve let them know this isn’t on in the below media release:

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Taking Big Steps For Better Pay

Early childhood educators are increasingly frustrated with the lack of action on fair pay from the Turnbull Government.

Educators are urging parents to keep their kids at home on March 27 as part of the next big step in their fight for fair pay.

‘Keep You Children at Home Day’ will allow educators all over the nation to highlight the current educator wage crisis and to put pressure on the Turnbull Government to address this as a priority.

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