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Immediate win for nurses!

EN Win!After a tough fight with the Health Department, Enrolled Nurses and Assistants in Nursing have won a 5 per cent pay rise, effective immediately.

After weeks of hard work and meetings with both the Health Department and the Industrial Relations Commission, members were told they had won the pay rise on October 7, the final deadline for the decision.

Peter, a Carer at Karlarra House in Port Hedland, said he and his colleagues were very happy that EN’s and AiN’s had won the pay rise.

“Last time when I was on the support workers negotiations committee we were only awarded a raise of 4.5 per cent and it took almost four months of negotiations,” he said.

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Labor Leaders Answer Your Questions

Albanese & ShortenVISION AND VALUES

1. What are your plans for a fairer Australia?

Anthony Albanese:

I am fundamentally committed to the fair go. I know we have to fight for it. Labor Governments take on discrimination, in whatever form.

Whether that be gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, or who you happen to love – everyone should be part of the fair go in Australia.

I see an Australia where everyone gets a chance to get ahead. That means Labor will be clear about supporting opportunity through education, whether it be early childhood, school, vocational or tertiary.

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Cuts Affect Us All

15,000 Educators Rally at Gloucester ParkMore than 15,000 people including teachers, education assistants and parents rallied at Gloucester Park to protest against the Barnett Government’s savage education cuts.

Members of United Voice, the State School Teachers Union and the CPSU/CSA stood shoulder to shoulder in the rain to give a voice to the numerous children who will be affected by the cuts to education.

Graham, who works with special needs children, said he attended the rally because he disagreed with everything that Colin Barnett had done.

“I believe that all children need a good education and everybody deserves to have a secure job,” he said.

“These kids, that will be affected, deserve every chance in life they can get.

“He (Barnett) is just being a dictator.”

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