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My Friend

My Friend

Wanita and Kelly

We say thank you and good-bye to Assistant Secretary Kelly Shay.

The first time I met Kelly was across a table in a negotiating meeting back in 2007. I was wondering who was this feisty blonde talking about workers’ rights on their behalf.

I was doing the same as a non-union delegate for the workers who weren’t apart of their union.

Later that year I become a member of United Voice and also a delegate.

Over the past eight years I have come to know Kelly as a person who I could look too for direction, but someone who loved to throw me in the deep end.

Why? Because she knew I could swim.

Her fighting spirit, determination for social justice and drive for members to lead and be the voice of campaigns, showed her leadership skills.

It was these qualities that made Kelly an integral part of the DID group (Disability Industry Delegate Group).

Today that group is an important and vocal part of the industry, with agreements in all the six major NGO’s and a group of delegates that lead their sector, fight for their rights and the rights of the people they support.

I couldn’t describe Kelly in one word, for she is many words.

One of the things I remember most, was her ability to listen to delegates and their own issues.

Although it’s time for new adventures it is never “goodbye” but “see you later mate.”

The door is always open and there is always a seat at the table for you my friend, because family is never far away.

Wanita McDade

Delegate and Friend