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My job is good enough - a message to Joe Hockey

My job is good enough - a message to Joe Hockey


“Get a good job that pays good money.”

That’s the advice of the millionaire Liberal Treasurer Joe Hockey to people looking to buy their first home.

But United Voice member Catarina thinks Joe Hockey’s comments are not good enough.

“My initial thought (when I heard his comments) was ‘it’s not easy to get a job at all these days’, so you know even if I wanted to get a better paying job where am I going to get it from? There are no jobs available.

Catarina works in a kitchen that prepares food for many nursing homes and hospitals; it's an important role in caring for our elderly and sick patients.

“And, if we leave the jobs we’re doing now, the cleaners, the carers; who is going to do this work?

“My work is important. I shouldn’t have to change jobs to put a stable roof over my head.”

Catarina said if she had the opportunity to speak to the Treasurer she would tell him that the high cost of living makes it difficult to save.

“I would try to explain to him that everything costs; that the cost of living is so high and it’s really hard to save up for anything in your life aside from paying your bills.”

“I think he’s just got no idea; he’s up there on his good wage.

“He’s probably never been on minimum wage or living pay packet to pay packet and tried hard to save up.

“Everything costs so much that you can’t even save enough to buy a house.”

Catarina said it’s important for people to stand up and have their voices heard.

“I think there won’t be any change unless we stand up and talk; so I think our voices need to be heard in order to get change happening.”

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