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Members Win $16,000 Back Pay

Members Win $16,000 Back Pay

We are only two weeks in and already two country health members have been back paid an accumulated total of $16,000.

How’s that for a start to the year?

Member Win #1

Stephen, member of 13 years, had noticed ongoing issues with his pay and brought it to the attention of his line manager and payroll.

After months of his issue being swept under the rug and being told they were ‘still working on it’, Stephen reached out to his union organiser.

“I was sick of being ignored and brushed off time and time again, so I called the union.” He said.

Together, they discovered a discrepancy in his pay, dating back to when he started working.

“They had me down as non-permanent, when I have always been a permanent worker.” He said.

This meant Stephen was being underpaid his penalty rates and was owed over $10,000.

Stephen said he’s relieved the matter has been dealt with.

“It’s been a long process to this point and it feels like I have a big weight off my shoulders,”

“It’s good to know the money is there in case I need it.” he said.

Stephen said he’s grateful the union had his back.

“The union supported me and had my back and I’m glad it’s been sorted out,”

Member Win #2

Cheryl, a health member of 11 years, was approached by a colleague urging her to check her payslips because she may have been entitled back pay.

“I honestly didn’t know or expect much, but I called the union anyway.”

After calling the union, it was found Cheryl had not been receiving:

  • 10 hours break between shifts
  • 5th week of annual leave
  • Public holidays
  • TOIL

Little did she know the discrepancies in her pay would amount to over $6,000 dollars in back pay.

“I was shocked, it really adds up. I would have been happy with anything, so to see $6,000 come back is really helpful.” she said.

Having retired three years ago, Cheryl said the money came at a much needed time.

“I’ve retired and I’m on the age pension and we don’t get enough to handle the bills and costs of living,”

“This means we have money for a rainy day and that makes me feel relieved.” she said.

Cheryl said the union has always had her back and is encouraging people to join their union.

“I’ve always been with the union and they’ve always supported me and helped me with my entitlements,”

“They are there when you need them and I’m so thankful for their help.” She said.