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Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Voice Heard

United Voice Delegate

More than 26,000 United Voice members across the country have spoken about issues which affect them most outside of the workplace, launching the Real Voices for Change campaign.

The number one issue, voted by 33 per cent of participants, was the rising cost of living in particular housing.

This was closely followed by healthcare costs (ranked the number 1 issue by 20% of participants), job security, low wages and finally retirement and superannuation.

United Voice member Matt said he chose to be involved with the Real Voices campaign because he wants to see to the current system of how things are done.

“This is a campaign that focuses on positive change, that will really benefit the working class and something every union should be involved in,” he said.

“We need people to get involved, make an effort and raise a bit of a stink so that we can get our voices across.”

Matt says all of the issues raised by members were important especially affordable healthcare and the rising cost of living.

“The housing market is just too hard for young people to break into these days,” he said.

“It’s just getting harder and harder for young people to be able to fulfil their dreams of owning their own house and so they’re staying at home and putting more pressure on their parents.

“Getting good affordable healthcare is also a very important issue.”

Matt encourages every United Voice member to get on board and help get the message across.

“Let’s get as many people involved as possible, not only union members but community members as well, and make sure our voice is heard.

“I really hope the public does get involved I hope they can see that this isn’t just a union campaign, but a movement that will really benefit the public.”

Get involved or learn more about the Real Voices for Change campaign here!