About UVL

UVL is a personal injuries law firm dedicated to providing quality legal services in all areas of personal injuries:

  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Motor vehicle accident claims
  • Public liability claims
  • Criminal injuries compensation claims
  • Dog attacks/bites

We provide legal services consistent with the union values of fairness and equity.

We are passionate about supporting workers and ensuring they get the best outcomes available. 

The union difference

We pride ourselves on providing the “union difference”.  Our culture and values are union and we fight for the best possible outcome for our clients. We believe in challenging injustice and fighting for workers’ rights. We understand what our clients need and the difficulties they face when seeking compensation.

Unlike other law firms, any money we make is put directly back into helping achieve better pay and conditions for workers in Western Australia.


Our Services

UVL is experienced in all areas of personal injury law – especially workers’ compensation and motor vehicle insurance. We offer a number of services to make sure that you get the support you need.

“No win - no fee”*

UVL operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis in most circumstances (conditions apply). If your case is reasonably likely to be successful, we will back in our experience and knowledge so you have peace of mind.

Our experienced lawyers can provide legal advice to ensure you fully understand the legal ramifications surrounding your claim and your entitlements.

Our team has extensive experience in providing advice on personal injury claims and navigating the complex claims process.

Special offer for union members: We offer a special discount to members of United Workers Union and other unions, and their immediate family, for our legal services.

Union members can contact their Union office to seek a referral for assistance from UVL.

Alternatively, please contact UVL direct on 9388 5471.


Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation claims are often complex and challenging for workers. They include strict timeframes which need to be met and understood. UVL is here to make sure you have someone in your corner.

We can assist with:

  1. Managing the claims process.
  2. Providing advice.
  3. Fighting to obtain a favourable decision on liability.
  4. Negotiating a lump sum settlement.
  5. Resolving disputes in WorkCover through conciliation or arbitration.
  6. Providing advice and representation in common law claims and gathering evidence in regard to negligence.

Our team at UVL can assist clients to navigate the confusing workers’ compensation system. We understand that this can be a time of real need and difficulty for people and we are here to help.

We provide a timely cost efficient service, focused on fighting for what our clients are entitled to.

Stress Claims

Regrettably, the number of claims arising from workplace stress is increasing. There is a greater focus on bullying and stress in the workplace and workers are increasingly accessing workers’ compensation on account of mental health.

Workers who have found themselves making a stress claim are already under pressure - and the legal process can add to their concerns.  

Stress claims are also hard to prove. Without significant evidence, claims are usually denied or often ‘pended’ by the insurer.

UVL can help. We can assist with obtaining a favourable liability decision, achieving a negotiated outcome and generally offering our expertise to manage your claim.

Motor vehicle accidents

People injured in a motor vehicle accident on our roads may be entitled to claim compensation. 

At UVL we work with our clients to obtain a fair and just outcome.  No matter how serious the injury, our team can assist with claim management and obtaining a negotiated settlement.

We provide settlement advice and assist with negotiated settlements of claims.

We can assist with dealing with insurers and all legal deadlines, meaning less stress and worry for our clients. We fight to ensure clients receive everything they are entitled to.

Public liability claims

Compensation may be claimed when people suffer injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. 

These types of claims could include:

  • Slips and trips (where another party is responsible for the safety).
  • Unsafe premises (such as unsafe stairs or walking surfaces).
  • Dog or animal attacks.
  • Physical assaults.
  • Aviation accidents.
  • Defective products.
  • Sporting accidents.
  • Injuries on private property including rental properties.
  • Hair and beauty treatment injuries.

UVL can assist with all aspects of these claims, including collating evidence that may be required in your claim.

UVL can give our clients all the information and advice they need to make sure they are making informed decisions about their next steps.

Criminal injuries compensation

Victims of crime may be entitled to compensation. The criminal injuries compensation system is unique and UVL is able to help you through this process.

Any compensation received is paid as a lump sum from a state fund, with a CAP on the amount that may be received.  For injuries sustained from 1 January 2014 the CAP amount is $75,000.

UVL can assist with collating information required to submit a criminal injuries compensation claim, prepare the application and impact statement and generally assist and guide clients through the process.

*'No win, no fee' only applies to our professional fees (the fees we charge for work performed by our staff). In most cases, disbursements (the out of pocket expenses that we pay out on a client’s behalf) must be reimbursed irrespective of the outcome.



United Voice Legal Worker's Compensation Claim Testimonial

“I think when you go through any workers compensation, it’s a minefield.

You struggle with the terminology, you struggle with your rights.

UVL advised me through all of it and I really couldn’t have done it without them.”

Education Assistant