From Bakers to Rangers to Candlestick Makers and much, much more...

At United Voice we're often referred to as the 'missos' - and that's because we represent such a wide variety of miscellaneous workers.

We manufacture your processed foods, fizzy drinks, dairy products and beverages. We wash your hotel and hospital sheets. We manufacture plastics, paints and building materials. 

We repair your shoes, watches and jewellery. We help you get fit and stay in shape. 

Western Water and Water Authority members make sure that you can access clean, fresh water from your taps.

We even look after you and your family when you are dealing with the passing of a loved one.

Some of the 'miscellaneous' workers we represent include:

  • Airline, Commercial, Industrial & Mine-site Catering

  • Bakers, Pastry Cooks and Kitchen Hands

  • Beverage Manufacturing Workers

  • Building Materials, Gyprock and Fibre Cement Manufacturing

  • Car & Parking Attendants

  • Cobbler & Shoe Repair

  • Dairy Factory Workers

  • Food Manufacturing Workers

  • Funeral Directors & Assistants

  • Gym Attendants & Personal Trainers

  • Hostel Attendants

  • Jewellers & Watchmakers

  • Laundry & Linen Workers

  • National Park Rangers

  • Paint & Varnish Manufacturing

  • Plastics & Packaging workers

  • Sports & Recreation Workers

  • Superphosphate Workers

  • Tourism Operators

  • Veterinary Surgeons

  • Water Authority & Western Water

We also represent workers in many other miscellaneous jobs, call the Union office on 9388 5400 to check if we cover you!

There's never been a more important time to be Union.






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