Hospitality employees work incredibly hard around the clock to keep our communities buzzing, in Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Cafes and Restaurants right across the state.

These very same hospitality workers also face some of the most insecure employment conditions in Australia.

Most are employed casually and often feel as if they are at the mercy of their employer with regard to whether or not, and how much work they get each week.

Many work weekends and late night shifts, and are now facing the erosion of their pay through ongoing penalty rates cuts.

It's not fair - but it doesn't have to be that way. By working together we can win change.

What does a Unionised workplace look like in hospitality?

Imagine: You go to work on a Sunday and get 250% pay, and you KNOW it can't be touched by the Government - your penalty rates are secure in your EBA. And what's more - you know that any time your employer wants to change things, you and your fellow workers will have a say in what happens. 

That's what it's like for staff at Crown Perth - a unionised hospitality site. 

You can protect your penalty rates too - the first step is to join your Union.

Not only are Penalty Rates important in enabling hospitality workers to earn a liveable wage, they also fair compensation for putting in hours that most people spend relaxing with friends and family.

Through our Union, hospitality workers across Australia are fighting for greater work security, secure penalty rates and better pay. 

Because everyone deserves a Job You Can Count On.







So join today