United Voice members work as Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers, Education Assistants, Ethnic Aides, in Home Economics, as Cleaners and Gardeners, and more.

We are the professionals educating and caring for the next generation of Australians.

In Western Australia, we've been on the front-lines - fighting against privatisation and to secure fair-funding and secure jobs in all schools.

In Government Schools, we're focused on securing permanent jobs for workers previously stuck on fixed-term contracts. Over 1000 EA's, cleaners and gardeners have been made permanent through this process since Term 4, 2017.

Secure, permanent jobs are a basic right that is core union business.

Bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement in Government Education is now under way, and already things feel different from the last two times.

Members have power at the table because they have power in their schools, power in their union and political power.

The Department is listening, but now is the time to make sure they act.

Our Union is strongest when everyone is in the Union, so make sure you join - or if you are already a member - talk to a non-member today about joining today!








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