United Voice is your Union in Early Childhood Education and Care, with thousands of Educators standing together across every state and territory.

We are Educators, Early Childhood Teachers, Cooks, Assistant Centre Directors, Centre Directors - everyone who works in an ECEC Centre can be a United Voice member. 

Through our national campaign, Big Steps, we're fighting for early childhood members to be valued for the vital role we play educating children in the early years, through professional pay.

As Australians we pride ourselves on living in a country that values hard work, a fair go and equal opportunity for all.

But the gender pay gap has grown in the past decade. Working in a female dominated sector like ours, and that means we're still some of the lowest paid professionals in Australia.

A responsible government would have already delivered us the respect we deserve: professional pay that recognises our essential role in society.

As a united workforce, standing together in our union, educators are a powerful force for change. The more of us there are, the bigger and louder our voice is. 

We will not be ignored!

There has never been a more important time to be a union member.







So join today