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Hundreds Rally to Protect Penalty Rates

Hundreds Rally to Protect Penalty Rates

Red Card for Liberal Party

On Saturday, hundreds of Union members and their families attended a rally in Armadale to show support for penalty rates.

United Voice members joined the SDA and other unions, to stand in solidarity and show weekends in this country still mean something.

The crowd heard from United Voice hospitality member Karel, SDA member Emma Jade and United Voice Aged Care worker Jan.

Jan took on the crowd asking, “Are we all having a great weekend? Isn’t it good to not be working on a weekend?

All the kids; they’re not at school. This is the time you spend with your kids and family.”

Jan said she had worked weekends for the past eight years.

“I’ve missed out on birthday parties, family get togethers, all sorts of stuff to look after somebody else’s family.

“I’ve had many unsociable hours of working; I have missed out on my own family and because of that I have suffered great loss.

“For that I deserve compensation and that compensation is penalty rates; that’s my right as a hardworking Australian.”

“If you take away penalty rates our pay goes down a great deal; there are a lot of people who have high rents and mortgages and if they don’t receive those penalty rates, they’re going to be out on the street.”

The Canning by-election is our chance to tell the Liberal Government; hands off our penalty rates!

Check out photos from the day on our Facebook album. 

Sign the petition telling the Liberal Government to leave penalty rates, here.