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Have Your Say - WA Senate Election

Have Your Say - WA Senate Election

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Western Australian voters have the opportunity to show Tony Abbott what they think of his Liberal government with the upcoming Senate election on April 5.

The High Court recalled the election after it was discovered 1370 votes were misplaced which dramatically altered the original Senate result.

Since being elected last year, the Liberal Party have flagged a number of changes they are looking to make including cutting penalty rates, charging people to visit a bulk billing doctor and slashing promised pay rises to Early Childhood Educators and Aged Care workers.

United Voice delegate Nelsie says she is happy voters are able to go back to the polls as they have the opportunity to elect more Labor Senators.

“In my sector, Early Childhood Education, the current Liberal government is not helping us at all,” she said.

“In my personal opinion Labor is a lot better for this sector. They are a lot more active.

“They work for the workers; they give people hope.”

Nelsie says when the Liberals abolished the Early Years Quality Fund it angered a lot of educators.

“When Labor was in government they had a plan for the early childhood education sector,” she said.

“The Liberals disagreed and got rid of the EYQF which we worked so hard for.

“Now is our opportunity to show them that we aren’t happy.”

Hospitality worker Allen agrees that this is people’s opportunity to show the Liberals they aren’t happy.

“What we’ve seen so far are the Liberals in government doing what they do best; looking after the rich and letting the poor become poorer,” he said.

“If we can get more Labor members into the Senate at least we can hold the government accountable and let the working class have a say.”

Allan said this is an opportunity to make sure we vote in people that will support the working class in Federal Parliament.

“If we elect the right politicians, they can really help us make a positive difference,” he said.

“Everyone should get involved even if it’s something as small as talking to your mates about why they should vote.”

Important Facts About the Senate Election

This is the first ever Senate election to be held in Australian history. As per a normal election it is still compulsory to vote.

All normal polling booths will be open as per a usual election.

If you are unsure of your nearest polling booth you can search your suburb or electorate on the Australian Electoral Commission website

If you are unable to vote on the day you can apply for a postal vote or cast your vote at an early polling booth. Find out if you are eligible for early voting.

Learn more about the Senate voting system, how to vote and how it differs from a usual election. 

Find out more about the Australian Labor Party and its candidates here.