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Ellenbrook members urgently in need of public transport

Ellenbrook members urgently in need of public transport

Ellenbrook Train

For Education Assistant Tiffany her daily commute from Ellenbrook to her work in Redcliffe is her worst nightmare.

With only two roads leading in and out of Ellenbrook the outcome of her drive to work is always the same – slow, long and irritating.

The 48km return journey takes her up to two hours every day and amounts to more than $200 every fortnight in fuel.

But sadly this isn’t an uncommon story among Ellenbrook residents, and that is why so many of them want a rail line.

Over the past nine years the Barnett Liberal Government have lied and broken promises on local transport. In 2008 it was the Ellenbrook rail line and in 2013 it was MAX Light Rail.

And under the Liberal’s plan Ellenbrook residents could be waiting another 30 years

Tiffany says these broken promises show how out of touch the Liberals are with people in the area.

“I want METRONET to take the cars off the road… there are so many families moving in,” She said.

“And yet, Colin Barnett reckons there are not enough people out here to warrant it.

“It’s not in touch with what’s out here at all.

“When you’ve got so much traffic, even coming home, you can sometimes sit for three light changes before you get through because there are so many cars.”

Ellenbrook’s isolation became a safety hazard in 2013 when fires sparked in Gnangara pine plantations, as residents were unable to evacuate while roads were congested and Emergency Services had a difficult time getting in.

With the population of Ellenbrook and the Swan Urban Growth Corridor estimated to rise from 49,000 in 2016 to more than 85,700 by 2026, traffic congestion and a lack of reliable public transport options are major issues leading up the March state election.

In an announcement by WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan it was confirmed if elected WA Labor’s comprehensive transport plan – METRONET - would go ahead.

This plan will bring the train line to Ellenbrook and create local employment opportunities.

Tiffany’s experience is not only one of financial burden but emotional strain, with traffic conditions cutting into valuable time at home with her partner, friends, and family in the mornings and evenings.

That’s why Tiffany has been volunteering with Jessica Shaw, Labor’s candidate for the Swan Hills, because she knows WA Labor will bring the train to Ellenbrook.

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