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ECEC petition tabled in Parliament

ECEC petition tabled in Parliament


Members from Community Child Care Centres across the metropolitan area attended Parliament today to witness MLA Simone McGurk lodge a petition fighting the Barnett Government’s proposed funding cuts.

The petition, which was sparked by a $1.4 million cut per year in funding, garnered over 2,500 signatures from parents, educators and supporters who wanted to see the high quality of education and care these centres provide continued on beyond 2018. 

The petition has now been tabled, and will be received by Community Services Minister Paul Miles. 

But the fight isn't over yet. It is up to United Voice Members to continue to put pressure on the Barnett Government to overturn the funding cuts that could spell a budget blackhole at some centres.

We previously wrote about the Barnett Government's plan to scrap funding support for property management and maintenance services from 2018 - you can view that here

These cuts will be of enormous detriment to community-based child care facilities whose not-for-profit model allows them to offer the best level of care and education while ensuring families reap the benefits, not stakeholders.

The Barnett Government has proposed cutting 1.3 million per year as of 2018, hitting 33 centres across Western Australia and effecting those most in need of affordable child care.

By working together now to fight this proposal in the coming election, we can stop the potential fee hikes and centre closures, ensuring an ongoing provision of a much-needed service.

In September Today Tonight reported on these devastating funding cuts, find out more here