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Don't Hate Our Penalty Rates!

Don't Hate Our Penalty Rates!

United Voice members are disappointed in the Fair Work Commission’s decision under the Turnbull Government to cut penalty rates.

Members in hospitality will be especially hit with their penalty rates reduced on Sundays and public holidays.

United Voice, the hospitality Union, is concerned these cuts are only the first attack on penalty rates by the Turnbull Government.

The cuts were effective on July 1st and the repercussions felt immediately by workers who are already working in low paid jobs. Some workers are projected to lose up to a fifth of their annual income. 

Workers in retail, hospitality, pharmacy and fast food often rely on the penalty rate days’ work to make ends meet.

This ruling comes at a time when Western Australians are already feeling the pressure of the rising costs of living.

Penalty rates have always been a hard fought condition by United Voice members across all industries and we will continue the fight against these cuts.

Hospitality worker and United Voice member Henry finds the recent cuts unfair and worries his education is now at risk.

“I am a university student and my weekend and public holiday shifts are important to my pay, without the extra income my education will be at risk.

“I work extremely hard to be able to support myself and to cut my wages when I am doing the exact same work is incredibly unfair,” he said

United Voice has lodged a challenge in the FWC decision.

You can join the movement against these cuts by liking us on Facebook and joining the ‘Save our Weekend' campaign.

We also encourage you to talk to local businesses who are keeping penalty rates to register on the 'Businesses 4 Penalty Rates' site.