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Collier's Backflip: Education Assistants first to go

Collier's Backflip: Education Assistants first to go

Edu_meeting_7nov20130207_116.JPGUnited Voice Secretary Carolyn Smith has slammed the Barnett Government for announcing that over 300 education assistants will lose their jobs.

“It is appalling that the Barnett Government has decided to slash jobs in the face of record enrolments at schools.

“When Education Minister Peter Collier talks about improving efficiency he really means cutting more jobs.

“It was only last week that Education Minister Peter Collier said there will be no job cuts. He lied.

“Our schools are already under resourced. Staff are already feeling the pressure. Cutting essential support staff is not going to make the situation any better.

“Education assistants play a vital role in the classroom. They help children with disabilities. They help Aboriginal and Islander children with attaining educational outcomes. They are responsible for the learning developments of our children in kindergarten.”

“Yet the Barnett Government has decided that they will be the first to go. As a result our kids will suffer.

Ms Smith said resources will now be further stretched.

“In schools, our children, our most precious resource for the future of our state will not get the quality education they deserve.”