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Busselton Hospital plagued with building faults

Busselton Hospital plagued with building faults


PHOTO: A picture of the food truck outside Busselton Hospital taken last week. 

The $120m Busselton Hospital is riddled with building faults and is still a construction site almost two years after it opened to the public. 

Of these faults are defective ceilings throughout the hospital which require the majority of ceiling panels to be replaced.

The replacement of these panels has forced the closure of Ward 1 and will soon see the facility's kitchen shutdown for a period of weeks, forcing kitchen staff to cook patient meals in a food truck parked in the hospital's carpark. 

A tent connected to this food truck will give kitchen staff room to dish-up patient meals, before hospital support workers deliver the meals to patients through a back entrance. 

Despite the clear impact these construction works will have on the hospital and patients, Premier Colin Barnett told ABC News he sees it as a non issue.  

"There's a defect in the ceilings, it's been fixed, the hospital is still operating," Mr Barnett told ABC News

"It hasn't closed down, and there's just been an adjustment in — if you like — the hotel-type services.

"There is no issue. The hospital is continuing to operate as normal."

United Voice Assistant Secretary Pat O'Donnell disagreed with Mr Barnett's comments.

"The Premier is describing lots of these things as non issues — he's had non issues at the children's hospital, non issues at Fiona Stanley [Hospital], at what point do we say actually they've been incompetent in running the health service?" he said.

"I think most people would agree if you've got to change the ceiling of an entire hospital, that's not a minor problem, that's a major problem. 

"It's now a construction site and [it has] significantly reduced the capacity of that hospital." 

2017-01-15_Sunday_Times_-_Busselton_Hospital.png                                                                       PHOTO: Busselton Hospital in The Sunday Times

Mr O'Donnell said the Barnett Liberal Government deserved to be sacked at the State Election in March due to their multitude of failings when it comes to the delivery of hospitals and quality health care. 

"In July it was brought to the public’s attention the horde of problems at Busselton Hospital, the fact I am standing here six months later talking about the same issues is of grave concern for workers and patients. 

“At the time, the head of the WA Country Health Service said the works would be completed during a 10-week period over Christmas. Now they believe it will take until May or June. 

"The truth is they have no idea how long the long list of problems will take to fix. 

"These construction works are affecting United Voice member with hospital workers being asked to work at other hospitals, like Margaret River Hospital, and in other areas of Busselton Hospital.    

“The Barnett Liberal Government have been in power for nine years now and they haven’t been able to deliver a hospital project that hasn’t been plagued with issues from the beginning. We just have to look at this week’s revelations of more than 10,000 defects at the Perth Children’s Hospital to know the Liberal Government aren’t responsible managers of WA’s health system.

“They have failed the WA  health system and West Australians deserve more. 

“Following the failings of the Government, we urge the WA public to consider their vote on March 11 very carefully.” 




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