Burgundy Wave

Burgundy Wave

What is the Burgundy Wave?

We see a brighter alternative for ourselves and our families - via changing the Government and the rules. 

The Burgundy Wave crew are United Voice members working together to send a clear message to politicians: you can’t afford to ignore us or the changes our jobs, industries and communities need.

What do the Burgundy Wave Crew do?

We talk. We act. We campaign. We build towards political change. 

Members of the Burgundy Wave do everything to help fire up momentum for political change - both at work and in our communities.

We talk in public about issues which matter, and chose to do activities we consider both effective and fun.

For example; we help workmates sign pledges, we engage in both online and offline campaigns, we lobby politicians with other Union members - and much more. 

Some of us do a little, some of us do a lot. Every little bit of activity counts.

Does it cost money?

Nope. Not now. Not ever. All it costs is a bit of the time, and a bit of passion!

Should I join?

  • Do you think we need more secure and better paid jobs?
  • Do you think we need more funding for our Hospitals and Schools?
  • Do you think the Liberal Party values the big end of town at the expense of everyday families?
  • Are you sick and tired of it all?

Then YES! You should join the Burgundy Wave! Together we'll fight for a fair Australia.