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Barnett's Budget: Savage Cuts to the Public Sector

Barnett's Budget: Savage Cuts to the Public Sector

United Voice WA Secretary Carolyn Smith slammed the State Budget describing it as a “budget of savage cuts which will result in lower quality services for the people of Western Australia.”

Ms Smith said the public would be appalled to discover that the workforce budget in Education will be slashed by over $282m, and in Health by over $20m, over the next four years.

“Western Australia is a boom state with over 1,000 people settling in WA each week,” said Ms Smith.

“Our essential services are already stretched. We are now left with cuts that are going to affect our services.”

“These cuts will mean a lower quality education and health system for the people of Western Australia.

Education Assistant Christy was overcome with emotion as she asked what would happen to the special needs children she works with now that the education budget has been slashed.

“My concerns are that the resources and money that is needed to give a special needs child the opportunity to utilise their skills in the community just isn’t going to be there.

“We’re already overworked and getting pushed to the max.

“With all these cuts how are we going to provide this education?”

Just as concerning was the Government’s clear privatisation agenda for this term of Government.

“When Troy Buswell talks about aggressively pursuing alternate service delivery methods, workers get very nervous,” said Ms Smith.

“It’s code for privatisation. Their privatisation of Fiona Stanley hospital to Serco is fast becoming a shambles, but they haven’t learnt their lesson.”

School cleaner Brett agreed.

“We’ve been down the road of privitisation before,” he said.

“We just don’t earn enough when we work for a private company.

“We don’t earn enough money now.”

Brett said he felt Barnett was deliberately forgetting about the workers.

“Once again the little man is starting to get absolutely savaged,” he said.

Patient Care Assistant Lee said he was fed up with Barnett.

“Obviously it’s only money that is the priority, not humans,” he said.

“What’s the quality of life going to be like for the average West Australian after this?

“I have as much right to live and get around in my life as he does.”