The findings of the Banking Royal Commission told us what we knew all along.

After voting against the Royal Banking Commission 26 times, the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has been caught out colluding with the big banks in the days before the announcement of the Royal Commission.

This just goes to show that the Liberal Federal Government are once again only looking out for the big end of town.

Lives have been ruined and homes have been lost and United Voice members believe that there should be real consequences for those who have done the wrong thing.

The Royal Commission only heard from 27 victims, out of the tens of thousands of people affected.

Hard working every day West Australians deserve better than a Government who puts the interests of their banker mates first – all while cutting penalty rates, cutting funding to schools and hospitals and attacking Union members.

United Voice WA members will continue to fight into the upcoming federal election to put the Liberals last and to secure a fairer Labor Government for all.

Send your message to Scott Morrison and demand he takes real action on the Banking Sector today: