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Abbott Moves Against School Kids Bonus

Abbott Moves Against School Kids Bonus

Alicia.JPGUnited Voice members are angry that the Abbott Government is trying to push through legislation to cut the School Kids Bonus.

The bonus is paid to more than 1 million families across the nation with, $410 allocated to primary school students and $820 for secondary students.

United Voice member Alicia is a recipient of the school kid’s bonus and uses it to purchase her daughters high school textbooks.

“At the start of the year I rely quite heavily on this bonus particularly after the Christmas rush,” she said.

“With my daughter in upper high school her textbooks and calculator are all very expensive and the other extra-curricular activities all add up.”

Alicia said the payment really helps at the start of the year, particularly if parents have two or three children all going back to school at the same time.

“It’s not just the school stuff that adds up but also the outside of school activities, like soccer, that cost so much in fees.

“We keep getting told to put our kids in sport, but it’s so expensive to be able to do that.”

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is against the proposed legislation which will see the average Australian family with two kids be $1,230 worse off every year and $15,000 worse off over the life of their child’s education.

“This is a savage cut from a government that clearly doesn’t care about cost of living pressures or our kids’ education. Tony Abbott’s priorities are all wrong,” he said.

Alicia said it would be incredibly stressful for parents to be able to afford the back to school rush if the payment was scrapped.

“Every child deserves the right to a quality education but they need to be equipped with the right tools to be able to use this chance.

“I work in a school and you often see many children there without the right stationery,” she said.

“I feel like this is just another nail in the coffin from a Liberal government. It’s just another source of stress to already struggling families.”

This is yet another poor decision made by the Liberal Federal Government that Alicia will remember when she casts her vote at the next election.

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