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Members say #byebyebarnett

Members say #byebyebarnett


United Voice members were loud, proud and ready for change as they took to the steps of Parliament house on Wednesday to protest Colin Barnett's disastrous eight years in power as the Premier of Western Australia.

Their message was clear – it’s time for Barnett and his ministers to go for their roles in the privatisation of hospitals, public sector staff freezes, the casualization of workforces and the rising of cost of living over the last eight years.

The Burgundy-clad group were protesting:

  • The Liberals ripping hundreds of millions of dollars out of public schooling and the slashing of more than 400 education assistants. 
  • The privatisation of Fiona Stanley and Midland Hospital where services have been mismanaged which has led to poorer patient outcomes. 
  • Skyrocketing unemployment rates. Under Colin Barnett's leadership the unemployment rate in WA has topped the nation at 6.5%. 
  • Continuous problems with ambulance ramping delays. 

Among the crowd were hospital, education, disabilities, aged care, early childhood and manufacturing workers who defiantly stood their crowd outside Parliament House to have their voices heard. 

United Voice Secretary Carolyn Smith said workers in WA have had enough of Barnett’s mismanagement of the State.

“Worker’s regret they have had to walk off the job to make their voices heard,” Ms Smith said.

“But they want a commitment from Mr Barnett that he won’t privatise essential services like hospitals and schools any further if he so happens to win the March election.

“We just have to look at the track record of Fiona Stanley Hospital to understand privatisation is not to the benefit of the workers or the community.

“Mr Barnett is not fit to be Premier for another term and the Liberal Government aren’t capable of leading our State for another three years.

“In the last eight years under a Liberal Government unemployment has skyrocketed, infrastructure projects have stalled and our state finances are in a mess.

“It's time we make a change by voting in a government that will work for the people and not against them.”

Ms Smith said while the rally was a great demonstration of the issues affecting members and how they will vote for change in March, it isn't enough and members need help create change.

How? With the 50 Day Wave 4 Change where United Voice members will work together for political change, making shock waves across Perth and campaigning everywhere and anywhere for a fresh government and a brighter future.

The 50 DW4C runs from the 21st of January to the 11th of March 2017. You give the time you can, whenever you can. Find out more or sign up here

*If you'd like to see pictures from the day, please click here


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